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Words to the Wise on Getting a Grant

No business grant will be awarded just because you have a great smile, a good sob-story, or feel you deserve a long vacation on the beach. However, a grant could give you the chance to take your dream to the next level without having to spin off so much of your energy to the constant search for funds.

Keep in mind that most grants are not "free money" to fund your own unique concept. Instead, most grants, especially any government-related grants, are more like contracts. By awarding the grant, the grantor basically contracts with the grantee's company to provide a specific service or product that's been designated within an overall program budget. So, in order to qualify, your company must be able to deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Also consider the time and effort you'll have to put into each grant application you submit. Some businesses pretty much run on grants, so the application process is accepted as a necessary ongoing cost of marketing. But other companies might come up with the same dollars quicker by just getting out there and making sales. Only you can determine which strategy will give your business the better return of investment from your time spent.

Anticipate that any grant will expect you to articulate your business plans and how you're actually going to make your goals happen. So if your business strategy and operations are still vague, start bringing your business concept into focus now, so you'll be ready when the right opportunity comes along.

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Don't Give Up!
Best of luck -- whatever you do, don't give up on your idea! If you can get a grant, great! But if you can't get a grant -- or can't wait for one -- use your creativity to come up with other ways to get your business growing. Whenever you get stuck, just stop back by Idea Cafe for another cup of inspiration, info and ideas.

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