Entrepreneur of 2014
Smiley Transportation, LLC
Owner: Rushelle Wetzel

Here is Rushelle’s story - how she started and where she is now:

“My story is fun. I was a single mom with a special needs child who needed just a little more income to make ends meet. I had been an entrepreneur since my special needs child was born in 1997. So I started taking children who needed rides to school because their parents worked and that's where I met my husband and future step-son. See my husband was a single father who was a paramedic who needed his son taken to school safely while he was working 24 hour shifts. Fast forward 7 years later; my husband has retired as a paramedic (so now he's home for weekends, holidays and kids events), we have three children living at home with busy schedules, we employ 10 people and have a fleet of 8 vans. Our vision is to be the “McDonald's” of student shuttle by transporting children safely to their destinations and making SAFETY our number one priority! Parents call us the “Lifesavers for working parents”.”

You can find below what other people said for Rushelle and her business, why she was nominated and what it took to become the IdeaCafe's Entrepreneur of 2014.

After talking with you, I have to say you are a strong leader. You have
the courage to follow your dreams. You have done an outstanding job on Smiley.

Rushelle has not only brought her dream to life, but has provided jobs
to our small city! Your the best, Rushelle

Rushelle has worked so hard the last few years to turn her company into
a great company.

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