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Federal Tax Identification Launches New Live Chat Feature

Taxes are a complex process for both individuals and businesses. Each registered business entity is given a unique, nine digit tax number for identification, called an EIN or FIEN. Federal Tax Identification provides businesses an easy way to file for an EIN number online. The site has now integrated a live chat feature that allows clients to instantly get help with the ss-4 form.

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Small Business ExpertAn online T-shirt company wants to get the word out on their wares, but doesn't want to annoy their market. Jim Chesky details how they can get their info without losing their shirt and reputation. Go to

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Case Study: How Darren Grew His Twitter Following by 1,000% in 3 Months

Important News for Small BusinessSuccess is all around us. And when the observant entrepreneur looks at others having success, they will learn a lot. That’s why today I want to share a story with you.

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