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Federal Tax Identification Launches New Live Chat Feature

Taxes are a complex process for both individuals and businesses. Each registered business entity is given a unique, nine digit tax number for identification, called an EIN or FIEN. Federal Tax Identification provides businesses an easy way to file for an EIN number online. The site has now integrated a live chat feature that allows clients to instantly get help with the ss-4 form.

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Local Marketing Techniques for the Web

Small Business ExpertTrying to reach a local audience on the WWW? Focus your website's marketing strategies with smart, close-to-home insights. Read all about it in

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rick s CBD Movers AdelaideAdelaide, , Australia
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rick s CBD Movers BrisbaneBrisbane, , Australia
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lisa hope Hope Services GroupMcKinney, TX
anthony gonzalez Hosted By VeteransPhoenix, AZ
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shana bell Maximum Mobility Rehab & FitnessBelmont, MS

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Small Business Woes: Making Sure You Get Paid

One of the biggest worries for small business owners is often getting paid. When you don’t have a large operating budget that can absorb payment delays, they are an absolute nightmare. Chasing down clients for a late payment is difficult enough, bu

10 Ways Content Consumption Is Changing and How to Change with It

If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? And if no one engages with your content, does it matter if it’s been published? That question might sting a little, but it still deserves an answer. We’re in the age of content shock, after all

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