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Federal Tax Identification Launches New Live Chat Feature

Taxes are a complex process for both individuals and businesses. Each registered business entity is given a unique, nine digit tax number for identification, called an EIN or FIEN. Federal Tax Identification provides businesses an easy way to file for an EIN number online. The site has now integrated a live chat feature that allows clients to instantly get help with the ss-4 form.

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Equipment & Software for a Graphic Design Business

Small Business ExpertLaura Wiegert of Creative Consultants offers up equipment, software and marketing advice for starting your graphic or DTP business at home.

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antonia phillips KosplayKittysCollege Station, TX
Color Star
crystal banks Hi' Yella LLCWestchester , IL
Color Star
leticia perkins HER2 Beauty BarGlenwood, IL
Color Star
cathy bond A Listening Ear, LLCStone Mountain, GA
annette tharp-wright Biofeedback Associates of Northeast FloridaJacksonville, FL

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If you're not doing business online - are you left behind? Get and give info and help. CyberSchmooz


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Join the Buzz on the Perks (and Jerks) of Running a Small Biz.

Working alone at home? Looking for new ideas or ways to juggle work & family demands? Come on over to the Working at Home forum and see how others are dealing with the same issues. CyberSchmooz

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Tips for Successful Salon and Health Clubs Management

Having your own salon or health club and running it successfully for years, are two different things. This is why, following a few practical steps to manage a health club or a salon is immensely crucial for all the business owners. Here we are going

7 Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost

Being a human, we all make mistakes, which is totally acceptable as long as you are learning from them. No one is perfect, especially when you are going to embark on a new startup journey, you are more likely to encounter a lot of hurdles and challen

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Small Business Grant: Meet the Finalists and Vote for Ultimate Winner

Important News for Small BusinessYou, our readers, made your choice and elected the ten finalists out of the list of our stellar semi-finalists. We are honored to present you the people and companies who will be competing for winning the grant.

The finalists are fearless and never give up pursuing their dreams.

Every small business owner takes their own unique path, and it is always interesting to hear things from a different perspective. So, read the stories of our finalists, and cast your vote for the ultimate winner.

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