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What was the most interesting, enjoyable, or memorable way you have ever seen Promotional Merchandise being used?
Submited by
Amanda S.

It was inside a nightclub that is always unbelievably hot, all the time. So i went to iparty, bought 500 paper fans for $200, and we put oyr promo stickers on the handle.. passed them out in the club... it promoted my event.. and made the night a lot more pleasant lol

Submited by
Peggy G.

Creating knowledge and awareness at a booth at a kid's fair, by having the children answer "general knowledge," questions, about Martial Arts, in order to win a "prize," the prize being promo materials specific to that Dojo. Cleverly named MMA, Mires Martial Arts, I will never forget it. So many adults and children gathered around to watch this, learn more, the entertainment, and draw was unlike anything else at this fair, closest size crowd, at the Kettle Corn, :)

Submited by
Carmela P.

What was the most interesting way I've seen Promotional Merchandise being used is that they gave a Writers Block paper cube w/600 sheets and a lipstick applicator which in reality was a pen wrapped up as a present with ribbon. Great idea to put by your computer or phone when you need to write a quick note or reminder.

Submited by
Nichole R.

I own a salon in the town I grew up in. I was at the salon working one day and I had knicked my finger while cutting a wiggly two year olds hair. I searched for about 10 min for a bandaid and almost gave up untill I noticed one tucked away in our reception drawer. I quickely grabed it up so I could hurry and finish my hair cut, when I noticed the business name and phone number of a local shear sharpener printed on the wrapper! This clever way of advertising came in extreemly handy for me that day and I've been using his services ever since.

Submited by
Patricia G.

The most memorable and intersting promotional merchandise I've seen was while at an association trade show in Chicago. A company was collecting business cards from participants. When I returned home, I received a 1/2" clear paperweight with my business card sealed inside. I thought this was an ingenious way to advertise their services. I still have the paperweight on my desk today.

Submited by
Trevor B.

At a merchandise mart a booth was giving a chewing gum about 3ft long in a narrow yellow box -  I think it was called the gum stick.  There was no way one could hide that giveaway and with so many people holding on to the stick you just had to ask where to get it.

Submited by
Cynthia T.

The most interesting and memorable way I have ever seen "promotional merchandise" used was in the distribution of rubber-band powered balsa wood airplanes with the company's information stamped on the wings and fuselage; Youngsters and more so the adults were totally engaged at this exhibitor’s booth.   This exhibitor also had traditional paper airplanes which when folded displayed the company’s name and information printed on the surface and underside. I thought this an inexpensive and effective way to promote your company, a fun “make and take” interactive  item.

Submited by
La Toya E.

Laughing Pen brings a smile to every face. Laughing Pen is goofy pen with Bobble head, suction cup foot Fuzzy hair. This Pen comes with a suction cup and wacky laugh that starts when you push down the head. Available in Orange and Blue.

Submited by
Christina W.

The most useful, yet enjoyable, piece of promotional paraphernalia I’ve received are my padded luggage handles.  They Velcro around my suitcase handle are purple and have Greek letters.  Everybody getting off of every flight I’ve ever taken has a black suit case just like mine.  My luggage handles make my bag easily identifiable as it enters the sea of bags on the carousel.  Never again has a fellow passenger mistaken my bag for theirs.  That makes the luggage handle a WINNING promotional item!

Submited by
Candi J.

Store I work at handed out fans to people at a cook-off event. Kids were seen fanning themselves and adults on a very hot day. Was just cute.

Submited by
Matthew S.

A company gave away really nice wallets (customized with company logo) at a restaurant technology convention.  The company provides a virtual wallet SAAS for companies that want to offer a loyalty card to their customers.

Submited by
Scott H.

When I worked for Verizon I won a sales trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We went on a white water rafting trip, and to our suprise the oars used had the Verizon Logo on it.  It looked custom made.  We were able to keep the oars, and I still have mine displayed in my house to this day.  It is a conversation piece for every single person that comes to my house.

Submited by
Felicia B.

When I was about 14 I went to some type of campaign thing to promote a small newly opened little restaurant and they were giving away these oddly colored balloons that said "Our burgers are out of this world!" and come to find out they were glow in the dark balloons. It was about 7PM and it was getting dark so everyone went outside and let their balloons go. Mind you - there were about 150-200 balloons.. So eventhough our sky is nothing but pollution and you cant see the stars - that night we got to see them. Figuratively speaking anyway.

Submited by
Yung-kang (derby) S.

The most interesting, enjoyable, and memorable way I have ever seen promotional merchandise being used was a wood glider kit from an aircraft maintenance school at a local air show. Everyone attended the booth of this aircraft maintenance school was so excited to take this promotional merchandise to assemble the kit, and threw the wood glider in front of the booth. This unique promotional merchandise was not only educational and entertaining to children and adults, but also attracted several interesting prospective students to ask more detailed information of classes and requirements to enroll programs offered from this aircraft maintenance school.

Submited by
Lindsey M.

The most interesting, enjoyable, memorable promotional merchandise I have used is my CrossFit "heros tshirt.  This tshirt has an american flag on the front with a outline of a Soldier.  On the back it lists the Hero's known in the CrossFit community, about 30 or so names.  I am proud to wear it for each hero who has sacrificed the ultimate price has a workout named after them.  When you complete these workouts not only do you feel humbled, but honored to have completed such a hard feat.  It supports the CrossFit community, the families and friends who have lost such great people, and gives you the mental toughness to make it through anything; for the entire time you have to think "they would love to be doing this workout"

Submited by
Rachel L.

As the owner of a dog training company, I sometimes have difficulties getting people into my store because not everyone realizes they can benefit from us. So instead of promoting to the people, I catered to the dogs. I put out a decorative bowl of water, one that we have for sale inside. I made a sign that has my logo on it and says “Tell your human to bring you inside for a treat.” The use of humor has gotten people in the door, and of course the treat for the dog is attached to a business card.

Submited by
Lisa N.

I was at an antique faire recently.  Most of the vendors didn't have advertising, including the names of their stores.  If they did, it was a business card.  I came upon a shop where the owners were wearing hats & t-shirts sporting their company name & logo.  Not only that, if you purchased an item from their store, instead of giving you a plastic grocery bag, they had canvas tote bags for their customers.  The tote's included their store name & logo, and inside there was a post card that said, "Thanks for shopping with us.  Come again soon and we'll give you 20% off your next purchase".  That was the BEST marketing and promotional business I've seen.  These folks really know what they're doing!  I'd like to be like them.  I'm going to my first antique faire booth in September and I'd love to have brochures, hats, t-shirts, totes, so people remember me & shop with me again.

Submited by
Nancy R.

The most interesting and successful way I have seen anything sold was a little something I did at a farmers market I help open in Cedar City, Utah.  I was making a lot of bread, really interesting and beautiful.  In order to sell my high dollar loaves I made up salads mixes of all different local greens.  Most grew in my garden and the rest grew wild.  The response from one week to the next was amazing.  The previous week no one would look at my ten dollar loaves of bread, but with a beautiful bag of organic greens that cost me almost nothing, two cents.  The bread flew off the shelves.  I think by creating a meal and somthing people thought they were getting for free, made them feel special.  

Submited by
Allyson A.

At a home and garden show a pest control company was giving out fly swatters.  Which in itself is nothing special, however the enterprising young woman was giving the mini swatters to the men and the large swatters to the women.  Everyone was smiling, and laughing and that young woman had people all through her booth asking questions, looking at samples, and signing up for that companies services.

Submited by
Yvette A.

I absolutely loved receiving a flash drive from a business.  I thought it was a neat idea.  No one denied the taking of one & now their name is everywhere.  Personally, I've referred friends to them as a result.


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