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What was the most interesting, enjoyable, or memorable way you have ever seen Promotional Merchandise being used?
Submited by
Vince T.

The most memorable way was our promotional glow in the dark key chains we purchased in the early 80's.  This older gentleman came into our shop a couple of years ago and low and behold, he had the glow in the dark key chain advertising our shop on his keys! We had not seen one since 1990!

Submited by
Chad B.

My Favorite give away are plastic beer mugs from a hardware store. I recieved these at a county fair with my grandfather. The fair was 15 years ago, my grandfather died 11 years ago. Those mugs are still used to this day and remind me of my grandfather, which is a great memory. Even after all of these years, the mugs are well loved with the logo worn off, but yet I still know the name and design of the hardware store; and they are still my favorite mugs because of their look and feel. 15 plus years of effective marketing... great promotional items!

Submited by
Shilo C.

Promotional merch can be used in many ways.I can remember working for Shakier WarrenBey,he is a successful business man in marketing. We used our promotional merchandise as a tool to "get in the door." People love gifts,especially FREEBIES! I use my gift cards as a promotional merchandise.I give away a $10 or $25 gift card,the person goes to my website and spends more every time. Along with that tool-keeping the customers need in front of my business is my ultimate goal.I will be launching a marketing firm when I find grants for disabled women and a survivor of domestic violence.

Submited by
Teresa U.

I got 8GB USB drives in the shape of gold bars for a local jewelry store. It was a huge hit and everyone was calling them to ask for more!

Submited by
Evan M.

I have a very memorable expereince of a band who makes very relaxing music providing free massages, while you listen to their music, also a FREE CD or thumb drive with music, music video, documents with links to their sales sites, and a slide show of their last tour was given to anybody who signed up for a free massage.

Submited by
Thad R.

The most memorable way that I have ever seen promotional merchandise being used was when I recieved a keychain from my father who worked for Intel. They encased cpu's in plastic, with the company name and processor type displayed around the cpu.

Submited by
Angela E.

The most memorable way I have seen Promotional Merchandise being used was when a life insurance agency used small (around the size of a 50-cent-piece), wooden discs that simply stated: AROUNDTUIT. The items were used to encourage people to NOT procrastinate and to hurry and purchase their services/products by DIScouraging "I will get around to it" procrastination.

Submited by
Margaret K.

The Geico insurance promational that advertised and promoted "I am not your daddy I"m your grandpa" and the old man cartoon animation was funny because he was dancing and shimming back forth. He was dancing because he saved tons of money on car insurance.

Submited by
Kimberly G.

When it enhances the client, something that brings out their inner and outer beauty,  allows them to stand out and shine!  Encouraging them to see themselves for who they are, and lets them be real and individule.  Down to earth, realistic situations. Comedy is always a good way with realistic situations that people can relate to, usually people remember funny situations with common dilemmas, comedy grabs the audiences attention,  letting people know that we all experience everyday situations that are simular and sometimes over exagerating the experience  is very funny and we can all relate to the situation.

Submited by
Lotus M.

It was from a shower-coach in conjunction with the department of energy of Brabant a state in Holland. They gave a way a hour glass but instead of sand it was filled with water and the hour glass was for 5 minutes, the exact time they were promoting how long to take a shower and not a bath! This would save 40 liters of water and 12.000 liter per person a year.   It was great and thoughtful!

Submited by
Elizabeth F.

A water company wanted a large turnout for a ribbon cutting ceremony.   You could not ignore the small box that arrived by mail like you do junk mail.  You immediately open it to see what is inside.  The box contained a champagne glass, engraved with their name and logo.  A ribbon was attached to the glass with an invitation to a toast to water.  Although the day of the event was rainy, they had crowds standing with their engraved champagne glass which they filled with water for the community toast.  I still use my glass 25 years later. 

Submited by
Colleen P.

The most interesting and memorable use of Promotional Merchandise I've ever seen was Advertising Painted on a Woman's Nice Round, 9 month, Pregnant Belly.  It was very cute and tasteful and made you want to look at what it said.  Certainly an attention getter and a way to get your advertising noticed!

Submited by
Anne C.

Alaska Airlines has a fantastic airplane hat!  It's amazing.  Everyone wants one - the adults, children, college kids.  The airplane is inflatable, and it looks like it's flying when worn.  At the Portland Timbers soccer game, Alaska Airlines, their official sponsor, was giving them out, and the stadium was bouncing with airplanes.  I wish I had gotten more, as the ones I received have now been co-opted by my 14-year old and a 24-year old friend.  More inflatable airplane hats, please!!

Submited by
Ginger G.

I was at a parade and a group of people were in the parade with there dogs and had different cute costumes on there dogs with signs hanging on the sides of there dogs that were advertising a carnivel and dog/mut show.

Submited by
Virgil W.

The most interesting, enjoyable, way I have seen Prootional Merchandise being used I would have to say by watching the babies wear them play around in them or even on the cars, that way everyone pays some kind of attention to it.

Submited by
Brena J.

The most memorable way that I saw promotional merchandise used was at a "Buddy Walk" This was where we (my family and I) asked local businesses to help sponsor our " Buddy Walk ", where Downs Syndrome patients and their family can walk for awareness. We had many different companies represented. We were mailed T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, Cold Water Bottles, Aprons and Candy wrapped with their logos. Everything was handed out to the struggling families and theur supportive freinds. Merchandise was spread through the state of Connecticut. The registration for the event included some walkers from neighboring states like New York, Massachusettes, and Vermont. It was a very successful event. Our local news paper covered the walk and also listed the businesses that sponsored us. My company will be very important. I know that. I want it to be represented in every way available. I know I cant afford to have t-shirts and advertisement. But I appreciate the chance to try for it.

Submited by
Talbert J.

Most memorable was, of all places, at the urinal.  A restaurant had the wall at the urinal covered with interesting facts about food.  And, all the food I could remember at the moment were on their menu.  Further, all the facts were related to dating, and how certain foods heightened certain senses.  Yes, it was one of the longest urinal breaks I've ever had...but that night was definitely memorable!

Submited by
Terrace M.

The most memorable promotional merchandise that I used is a double attached key chain that I purchased in a oranization fundraiser several years ago. It is a very unique key chain in that it is able to detached and you can leave one side with one set of keys and the other side with another. The organization name is in the middle where you detached the key-chain. The key chain is very practical that I am still using to this day. I love it and wish I could find another one just like it and it reminds me every time I use it the great organization I was once apart of.

Submited by
Kinikia B.

The most interesting way I have seen Promotional Merchandise being used is as a fashion statement. There are many kids in my neighborhood that wears UPS hats or FEDEX shirts with their baggy jeans and tennis shoes. At first I laughed at how silly it was to walk around as a teenager wearing company merchandise. But then I realized that this was free advertisement. I asked the teenagers "why are you wearing those items?" their response was, the colors are cool and it makes them look like they have money! I was blown away by that. This made me rethink my whole concept of advertisement. I changed my company colors and now I have ideas of clothing that not only promotes my company but is eye catching and something that young people would be willing to wear just for fun.

Submited by
Charles F.

When I graduated from Wharton Business School, graduates received wallets as gifts with the school's name and logo on the front. As MBA grads, we were all setting out for the professional world, where we would need a place to keep business cards, hold our "plastic", and keep some handy cash. And whenever we pulled it out, bam! - there was an instant advertisement for the school and a definite conversation starter about the experience attending there and would you recommend it. A definite win for us and a win for the school! I still use mine!


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