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What was the most interesting, enjoyable, or memorable way you have ever seen Promotional Merchandise being used?
Submited by
Lance S.

As a sales person with a commercial cleaning company, we utilized computer screen cleaners (little dust brooms) with a velcro attachment for the secretary computers whenever visiting a potential client.  These screen cleaners represented "cleaning" but were more a novelty for the ever so dusty computer screen... we got calls of people wanting more!

Submited by
Nevelyn M.

 the most intrestibg memorable way I saw promotional merchandise being used, was at a  a mall where there is restrictions on solicitations unless you are a tennant at the mall. A woman who sold avon products sat  in the resturant section of the mall  with a ink pen in hand with the avon logo and  a water mug with the avon logo and her name tag on. she was reading a catalog, and every woman who walked by her table asked if she was a represenative and asked for a catalog and a card. she quickly gave them a card and and took in their e-mail addresses. several orders were placed as well.

Submited by
Elizabeth B.

The most interesting promotional merchandise that I received was an edible business card and menu.  How cool is that! I walked into a restaurant for a menu and was given an edible menu which interestinly enough I ate after the meal and it was as refreshing as having an after dinner mint!! It left a crazy impression on me and I tell everyone about it... like they say the best form of advertisement is word of mouth!

Submited by
Rodney J.

I was working for a grocery store about 6 years ago when I saw one of the smartest, friendliest, fun gestures I have ever seen in the industry.  A well dressed lady approached my Store Manager one day and presented what I thought to be a great tall tale/fish story.  She proceded to tell my Manager that she was doing a drawing giveaway for "some" local charity, and needed 1000 bags.  My first thought was thats like $100 in bags, and she probably just wanted to use them for her sack lunches.  After my Manager approved this, we later heard back from several people whom attended the event, all reporting the same thing.  The people were reporting rave reviews about the select gift bags that had been provided by our store, and they kept coming back to shop.  When I asked my Manager, he just smilled and said "the free bags provided free advertising, bringing all of those people here to shop, which more than pays for the bags, and everybodies happy" 

Submited by
Chephon M.

Tickle Me? When I first read this I was as confused as you probably are. I walked up to the lady in the bright pink shirt, non-chalantly, and read her shirt again to make sure I was reading correctly. Yes I was right, the shirt read "Tickle Me?". She was in front of a table with many others that were free to the public. When she turned around i noticed that the back of the shirt had the smiling faces of three young boys. Two of the three seemingly were tickling the last boy who held his hands in the air in surrender. He had no fingers. That shirt was made for the disabled children foundation. It held so much impact on my life. It reminded me that no matter what problems we have, no matter the challenges we face, we all deserve to smile. So whenever you see me down, will you "Tickle Me?"

Submited by
Derrick I.

The most interesting  way I have witnessed a promotional merchandise be used was a few years ago while in college. I was out with some friends to club, just a typical college weekend. When we finally arrived inside, we noticed that the layout had been altered and that the crowd were gathered closer to the front of the club where a runway had be implanted. The owners were hosting a fashion show for their new line. They also had dancers walk around and hand out a rose, which had on a glossy business card the fashion line logo and on the other side their website and various information. If i remember correctly it was a clothing line for women and based on the amount of people still holding on to their rose with the logo attached and the men who became glued to the stage, I would say they were pretty unique and effective on their introduction.

Submited by
Danielle R.

An accountant I came across promoted his business by sending out Starbucks gift cards in the amount of 10.99 to his clients during tax season with a label on it giving his phone number, name, and "don't forget tax season"

Submited by
Jennifer L.

One morning I took my dog out for his morning "potty". He did his business and of course I'm left to clean up after him (I have a great dane, and it was a large "potty"). I had a small plastic container with poo bags clipped on the leash. I reached in, pulled out a bag, and placed my hand inside it. Just before I picked up his poo I realized  the baggie was marked with a local Pet Waste Removal Company! Who knew I could have someone else do that for me?!

Submited by
Paula S.

I find this entirely interesting as well as memorable; Back in the 1980's, Union Carbide Chemicals gave out on an annual basis a beautifully bound book on the history of classic automobiles.  Each year the books detailed different vehicles and these became a collectors item and was much loved by all the customers who received them!

Submited by
Louise H.

A local developer of a high-end golf course community gave away pens - but these were remarkable pens! They had a beautiful aerial view of the property that pulled out and retracted like a window shade. It was an 'interactive pen' that always attracted people's attention  Brilliant!

Submited by
Kendra B.

The most memorable experience that I had was when I was invited to a garden party in California, which was hosted for a friend who was opening up a flower shop. The party was beautiful with flowers, ribbons, and tables of wine and cheese spreads; just lovely. But the way she promoted her shop was to let the guest go home with mini plants that were decorated with ribbon and tulle. Hanging on the outside of the plant was a bag of seeds with her picture on front and her business card on the back with all of her information as well as the care instructions on how to care for the plant.  I thought it was very memorable and I enjoyed my plant that I still have today. I also passed her card to a friend of mine who was having an upcoming wedding.  

Submited by
Tamica S.

I once recieved a 3 dimensional block with an image on each side. You were able to open the block on a side that revealed another image, but if you opened on the other side it revealed the company information. Once opened in half, the blocks can be folded back to reveal yet different images. With each fold and turn of the square a new image was revealed. Very interesting way to get a photography studio & collectables company noticed.

Submited by
Jordan D.

I see a lot of shwag and I have to go with the marketing shwag given away for the FortyFourFish product.  The booth had all tradeshow banners and postcards and materials printed using fish and aquatic themes and then the giveaway instead of being yet another unwanted pen, hat or key chain was a 2-3" fish/marine stuffed animal.  Each animal was then tagged with a small trigger card that overviwed the product and company.  This same campaign was run at future conferences where the campaign ws stepped up and stuffed animals were given out to local attendees in 5" plastic fish bowls.  It was AWSOME.

Submited by
Annmarie H.

While attending a product demonstration at a computer expo, I saw a huge crowd in front of the stage. They had all gathered to hopefully win a free copy of the promoter's software. The presenter had t-shirts, hats, pens, mouse pads, and such. He literally auctioned off each item to the loudest yeller. Yes, the peson who could yell the product name the loudest got the promotional item. But it was not lame, he whipped these people up into a mobish fever, where the people pushed each other down and jumped in the air to catch items thrown by the presenter. People wildly jumping, grabbing, and lunging like a bunch of deperate weeding guest-girls rabidly grabbing at the tossed bridal bouque. When it was over there were many people with bloody noses (no serious injuries), crooked glasses and broken back pack straps... proudly showing each other their hard won promotional merchandise. I got a T-shirt.

Submited by
Esther S.

I own a consignment shop that promotes recycling and reusing in fashion and decor. TO promote my store I use old magazines ( no more than a year old) that I collect from my own subscriptions and donations of my friends. I attach a self adhesive sticker promoting my store and recycling. These magazines ( about 100 a month) to the University of Puerto Rico campus and students can take them free of charge. We are expanding our promotion to the Sacred Heart University next fall.

Submited by
Greg L.

Business cards with scratch offs.  in other words, at a tradeshow I collected a business card, on the back, there were questions relevant to the product or company.  Scratch off the correct answer, return to the booth to collect the prize won! Now the catch, the prize that I won was the option of either a Blackberry, Iphone or Droid cell cases with the companies logo on the back.  I have an Iphone.  honestly, Smartphones are things that most people have....and have them on them at all times!

Submited by
Martin G.

It was at this combined restaurant and bar, employees were were T-shirts saying text pj skidoo to 41542 to receive text message coupons 

Submited by
Jessica S.

Honestly, the most interesting and enjoyable promotional merchandise I have ever recieved is a tin of mints.  The tin had the business logo on it and the mints were wonderful.  The tin was reusable, so long after the mints were gone, I was still using it.  I could throw the tin in my purse, and have the mints intact, and easy to find. 

Submited by
Rose-marie P.

The best promotional merchandise I have seen so far was NASA's Airplane Pen. The wings would open out and the tires could retract. I got this pen at a job fair. I have it for my duaghter's keep sake. It has been the koolest thing ever.

Submited by
Jacquelyn W.

A local wine and spirits store that uses Reidel stemware for tastings commissioned several 100 of my wearable coasters for stemware called Diva Glass Slippers for giveaways for their annual customer appreciation wine tasting party. I decided to heat transfer my logo and website address onto the plain black cotton bottom of each coaster so when each person tipped their glass to taste, everyone would see my logo!  It was a hoot seeing everyone lifting their glasses up over their heads to check out the logo!


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