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We take pleasure in announcing that Stephanie Speights, the owner of Ecomama, is the recipient of the 15th Small Business Grant. She instantly grabbed the hearts of our regulars and stood out amongst thousands of other small business owners.

Congratulations! We wish you luck in all your future initiatives!

About the Winner

Name: Stephanie Speights
Located In: Santa Monica, CA

Having the chance to vote, Idea Café regulars made their choice and distinguished Ecomama as the most brilliant business idea. She received 24% of all votes and naturally emerged as the winner of this Grant competition.

Stephanie was followed by other two exceptional businesses: Torva Cattus: A Revolutionary Big Cat Simulation Game, who got 22.4% of the votes and Honeybee Candle Company, who got 11.6% of the votes in the final voting round.

$500 in Advertisement

All of our lucky winners will receive $ 500 in advertising credits each in order to turn their business dreams into reality.

About the
1st Place

$1,000 Cash + $500 in Advertising Credits

2nd Place

$500 in Advertising Credits

3rd Place

$500 in Advertising Credits

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