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Denise Grundler
Pure Goodness
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Pure Goodness

What does your business do?
We make and sell beautifully handcrafted luxury soap. We have a wide variety of fragrances as well as a selection of goats milk soap. We recently purchased our own goat!

How would you use the grant money?
We would purchase two EZ up tent canopies, one large wooden display, several small wooden displays, additional tables and table covers.

What would the grant enable you to do that you can't now?
With this grant, we would be able to attend outdoor markets and fairs in inclement weather. We would also be able to set up in two locations at the same time.

If Idea Cafe's Grant helps your biz reach greater success, how will you "pay it forward" to help others in some way?
If Pure Goodness was awarded the Idea Cafe's Grant, we would pay it forward by offering employment to individuals to run our second location. We have already been involved in donating soap to the "Marie Sandvick Homeless Shelter" in Minneapolis. I am also donating soap, to be used in gift bags for the " BeYOUtiful You" women's retreat which will take place on February 22, 2014, in Farmington, MN.

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