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A Few Actionable Ways to Grow Your Traffic in 2018


If ask a question “How many traffic do you need?”, you won’t find a straightforward answer to this. However, you could always say “the more - the better.”

Yes, all of us are craving for more traffic. This is probably one of the reasons that forces us to move forward. Why do we need traffic? To make more money.

Nevertheless, I hate, but I should slightly disappoint you about traffic.

If traffic doesn’t convert visitors into customers - it has no value.

Thus, this post aims to give you tips on how to grow traffic that will bring you revenue.

Is free traffic a myth?

You should realize that there is no opportunity to get ‘free’ traffic at all. If we talk about organic traffic that comes from Google, it is not free as well. You will have to spend lots of time and invest money to see some growth of traffic.

I won’t conceal the fact that you might stumble upon different services or agencies that promise you solid traffic amount at almost no cost. Yes, you will gain traffic, but it won’t be the quality one.

Due to this fact, this post is aimed on revealing the ways of growing organic traffic.

Here we go!

1. Target Only Right Words in Your Seo Campaign to Get Quality Traffic

You don’t need ANY traffic to your website. You need relevant traffic that would convert into sales only.

‘Right words’ means using keywords with searcher’s intent in mind. Let’s view an example for better understanding.

I am sure you have read some of the posts on HubSpot blog. However, have you ever thought about the keyword that brings this blog the most of traffic?

This keyword is “free video editing software” that was used in the post “9 of the Best Free Video Editing Software to Try.”

Let’s see what stats you will see via ‘Top pages’ report at Site Explorer tool. Ther result #1 gets over 135,000 visits per month, ranking for over 11,000 keywords in the US.

In the case with HubSpot, I don’t think that people searching for video editing software would be interested in buying inbound and sales one. However, it is not a huge problem for HubSpot.

This piece of content rocks. It means visitors can be turned into email subscribers, while some of the subscribers can be converted into customers.

As I’ve already told, your main focus should be on the keywords with searcher’s intent.

2. Use Competitor’s Keywords to Your Benefit

When it comes to keyword research, it always seems pretty hairy. You start to brainstorm what keywords will help you in your SEO campaign. It could be really challenging if you are new to SEO.

Possible solution:

You can simplify the process by borrowing keyword ideas from the competitors.

Let’s say you have just launched a music equipment online shop in the UK that would bring you some revenue from sales. Definitely, one of the keywords that would be your target is “buy music equipment UK” but what else could be used here as well?

Andertons Music Company seems to be one of the competitors you could review regarding the keywords it targets. Go to Site Explorer tool and see what keywords you could acquire.

Run through an ‘Organic keyword’ report and choose keywords that could be useful for your own SEO campaign.

3. Communicate with Your Customers

Creating content is an excellent way to grow traffic. But if you want to get quality traffic, your content must give answers to the questions the customers have. BTW, we follow this strategy at Ahrefs. Just check out ‘Top pages’ report for the Ahrefs blog:

As you can see, the majority of Ahrefs’ posts is ‘how-to’ guides, which give customers answers to their questions.

It would be fair to ask “how to find the questions to answer?”

You can do it with the help of Keyword Generator. No, you won’t see an option like “questions”, but it will provide you with a ‘Phrase match’ or ‘Having same terms’ reports. Here is an example for you:

I put a keyword “electric guitar” into the tool and clicked on ‘Phrase match’ button. I wanted to get ideas with an interrogative word “how,” which I pointed out in the filter section. I got the report with approximately 5K ideas. This is impressive, isn’t it?

4. No More Keyword Stuffing - Use Long-Tails

If you get back to the previous paragraphs of the post, you will see that all the examples of the keywords are long-tail inquiries. Despite the fact that long-tail keywords have a pretty small search volume, you can generate lots of traffic using them.

Please note that you should try to make optimization of your content basing on a concrete topic, not on separate keywords.

Google becomes smarter and smarter. Thus, it can understand the synonyms and group individual keywords into topics. It means that a single page can rank for a massive amount of long-tail keywords. Nevertheless, you must be able to produce relative and high-quality content on the particular topic.

You can find long-tail keywords ideas using ‘Search suggestions’ and ‘Also rank for’ reports.

Pick out the germs from the report and grow your traffic.

5. Old Content Should Be Revised and Updated

First of all, if you think that the more publications you do on your blog, the better it is in terms of traffic - you are mistaken. The strategy makes no sense if nobody reads these posts.

Furthermore, how can you be sure that the topic you’ve chosen to cover will find recognition among your target audience? Yeah, it is quite risky to do the job blindfold.

Likely, you can come back to those topics that have already brought you tons of traffic. Just try to make some improvements and refresh it a bit. Google tends to rank the updated content higher.

Here is the example of using this method.

We have written a post that reveals the ways and tools for analyzing competitors. This post was a success, and it was getting about 50K visits per month from Google. It was clear that this article is worth being refreshed.

Check out the result.

Yes, we got this traffic.

6. Paid Social Media Promotion

Social media is another one actionable way to grow your traffic. However, you should be able to make a right choice concerning social media platforms. These platforms should be relevant to the niche you work in.

Now let’s make a brief overview of the most popular social media platforms.

LinkedIn is the best platform for building business relationships. It is the place where you can find experts in many niches.

Pinterest is a perfect platform for those who run a visuals-related business, accessories or designs stores etc.

Twitter and Facebook are widely used by people belonging to different niches and those who are out of business as well.

Talking about advertising on social channels, I must say that it is much cheaper in contrast to the PPC campaigns on Google. Furthermore, you can run ads on social media based on your audience's interests and location.

You create and publish high-quality content on your blog, so promote it on social media channels. This method really works. FYI, an optimized and promoted article on Facebook can get about 30K reach, 2K engagements for $100 only.

7. Not Every Advice About Traffic Is Worth Your Attention

I started this post with the statement that you don’t need ANY traffic, you need QUALITY one. The internet is full of pieces of advice about growing traffic. But are all of them applicable?

It depends on the niche you work in. Some methods can grow your traffic, the others can not.

The only thing you can know for sure is that the particular method will work for you. You will have to do A/B testing of these tactics and choose which one is your option.

Final Thoughts

I believe this post has convinced you that ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch.’ Free traffic is nonsense. If you really want to get traffic that will bring you money, you will have to work a lot and invest.

However, maybe you have some ideas on how to grow quality traffic as well?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Please don’t forget to tell about this post on your social media channels.

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By utilizing relevant accounting information, you can make logical judgment calls that improve the efficiency of your business operations.


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