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Entrepreneur of 2020
presented by IdeaCafe

Linette Ramos de Soto Is The Recipient Of The Entrepreneur Of 2020 Award

She competed against 46 entrepreneurs from across the country and her win was definitely well-deserved. She got 99 votes in the voting stage and emerged as the winner.

Linette Ramos de Soto

Owner of Breads & Threads Handmade

Linette is the owner of Breads & Threads, an all handmade, home grown business. Everything she sells is lovingly crafted or grown right on her family’s mini farm.

You can find below what other people said for Linette Ramos de Soto and her business, why she was nominated and what it took to become the IdeaCafe's Entrepreneur of 2020.

“I nominate this entrepreneur because she's a witty genius, an unstoppable force and true to what she believes. She is giving, inclusive, clever, and a director of her own path. A true leader.“

Labria Lane

“I nominate breads & threads handmade because they support local businesses and sustainable local foods. The owner is an author known as the crazy chicken lady :) ”

Boyd Craven III

“Because she is a rock star! From home farming to homemade goods, everything she produces is a masterpiece. And she's funny as heck!”


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