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"Name for a cabinet/woodworking business"

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Name for a cabinet/woodworking business, Mitch, 05:03:13, 7/14/2006
Names, Roger, 17:43:04, 7/14/2006, (#1)


"Name for a cabinet/woodworking business"
Posted by Mitch on 05:03:13 7/14/2006
I need a good name for my startup kitchen cabinet/woodworking business. Primary business would be cabinets and vanities. I live in rural CT - (lots of bears around here). All the cabinets are designed by me and/or the customer and I build them, so its very customized. I am a sole proprietor but want to keep my name out of it so it can be sold at some point....

some of the ideas so far...

Northeast Cabinets
Black Bear Cabinets
Cabinets Your Way

See? I need help!!


1. "Names"
Posted by Roger on 17:43:04 7/14/2006
Cabinet Tree
Out Of The Woodwork
Cabinet Fever
Presidential Cabinets
Log Cabinets
Cabinet In The Woods
Woodworks Of Art
Connecticut Custom Cabinetry


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