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You'll see a list of all the threads (i.e. conversations) people have started in that forum. Scroll down and click on any thread you want to read.

Think of a "thread" as a conversation. For example, Pat posts a new thread asking a question. Kim sees the thread title and replies with a great idea. Next, Kai replies to what Kim said or replies directly to Pat's original question.

Thread Table of Contents:
Shows the thread and all the replies it has inspired. Just scroll down to see the text of all the messages for that thread -- you don't have to open them one by one!

Scrolled down far enough on a thread's page? Just hit "Top" and you'll pop back to the top of the thread.

Search the Archives:
Looking for something or somebody? Click on [Search] at page top. Fill in the boxes then hit the Search button. Hope you find the info you're craving!

Drop-Down Menu:
At the bottom of every Archive page is a drop-down menu, so you can jump to any other forum in a flash.

CyberSchmooz House Rules & Help

Cyberschmooz now has a face lift - you'll find help & FAQs specific to the new forums here.
The house rules below still apply, so browse them, then go post your question or bit of biz wisdom.

Welcome. The purpose of CyberSchmooz is to help each other as we start and grow businesses and try to stay sane in the process. We encourage you to read this guide before posting to CyberSchmooz.

Advertising is not allowed in CyberSchmooz and any ads will be immediately deleted.

Pull Up a Chair and Chat
We welcome your questions, insights, real-life stories, opinions, musings, ventings and insider tips relating to the business and life issues you encounter in starting and running a business. Bring your sense of humor and just be yourself. Stick to the forum's topic and address your fellow schmoozers directly, just like you'd chat with a friend over coffee.

How to Schmooz:
To start a new conversation, select Post New Thread, fill in the dialog box info. (Make your Subject Line specific so people can tell what you're talking about; avoid vague general terms, like "Need Help"). Type in Message. Then hit Post Message. To jump into an ongoing conversation, select Reply, type in your comments, then Post Message. (Or select Reply with Quote to see what you're replying to as you type your answer -- you can then delete all or part of the original quote before you hit Post Message.) You'll see your new post live right away -- if you don't, hold your shift key down and hit "reload," or on a Mac, hit control, "R."

Your E-mail address won't show unless you type it in your message.
To post a message, you have to enter your E-mail address (so we can notify you about responses). But other posters won't see it. So if you want other people to see your contact info, it's up to you to type your E-mail address, phone number or any other info into the body of your message.

How to put a hyperlink in your post.
Type in the full URL, and it automatically will be displayed as a link. For example, when you type: http://www.ideacafe.com, the result is: http://www.ideacafe.com

Using Taglines and Signatures
Some helpful tips on how to use a signature.

What can get you bounced out of CyberSchmooz.
To keep CyberSchmooz lean (not mean), we may delete postings, for:

  • Advertising
  • Spamming the Forums with canned, repeated or blatant ads
  • Obscenities
  • Hotlinks unaccompanied by descriptive help or advice
  • Using ALL KAPs in most of your message
  • Not sticking to the topic of a Forum
  • Unnecessarily long messages


You may include mention of your product and services in a CyberSchmooz post only if it relates to the topic of the thread and is accompanied by helpful information or comments. If you want to advertise, reach small business through our newsletter or banner ads.

What you agree to when participating in Idea Cafe's CyberSchmooz:
By posting on these forums, you are agreeing to receive a complimentary issue of Idea Cafe's email newsletter and you are granting Idea Cafe license to reprint your post in full or in part in any media. Comments posted here become copyright Idea Cafe. You confirm that you understand and agree to the following:Idea Cafe does not necessarily agree with or condone any information or suggestions posted on these forums. Idea Cafe Inc., its advertisers, and representatives are not responsible for comments posted here on any damage resulting from them in any way. Idea Cafe reserves the right to delete any posting at any time for any (or no) reason.

Now back to Idea Cafe's CyberSchmooz Lobby. Have fun!

To add graphics to your post, type in characters as shown by each icon.


















For quick reference, print this page out, or use our emoticons pop-up window. (If you lose the pop-up, reopen it from your PC task bar or check Cyber Schmooz Help Page.


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