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You, our readers, made your choice and elected the ten finalists out of the list of our stellar semi-finalists. We are honored to present you the people and companies who will be competing for winning the grant. The finalists are fearless and never give up pursuing their dreams.

Each person only gets one vote - so choose carefully which company you think has the most potential and will use the money best!

Atlantic Apothecary Teresa Shelley
Atlantic Apothecary
Video application
Kat Direksyon Winery Marcus Hammonds
Kat Direksyon Winery
Shoe Breakthrough For Petites And Not So Average LLC Ashley Hibbler
Shoe Breakthrough For Petites And N...
Integrative Family Medicine Pamela Maxwell
Integrative Family Medicine
Borealis Consulting LLC Mary Overbey
Borealis Consulting LLC
Excel Fire LLC Jeffery Kinney
Excel Fire LLC
Misfits Homegrown LLC Amy Johnson
Misfits Homegrown LLC
Foster's Painting & Renovation Tammy Foster
Foster's Painting & Renovation

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