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Don't Sweat It - Black Friday Isn't Everything

Stitch Labs revealed today that, despite falling short of expectations, Black Friday does not define the entire holiday season for small retailers. Black Friday only accounts for about twice the sales volume of any typical day in November, and other days have shown promising impact on the holiday selling season.

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Self Employment Survival

Small Business ExpertIf you're waiting to take the plunge into self-employment, here are some reassuring tips from Laura Wiegert, who's a graphic designer consultant. Her advice is in

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ginger moser Easy Life House CleaningPhoenix, AZ
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robert burton Valley Community CenterClarkston, WA
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Breaking Down 7 Top Myths About Sales

When it comes to selling, there are a lot of myths that have been perpetuated as conventional wisdom that aren’t even close to being true.  Of course, true sales professionals know the difference between the truth and what’s not, but what ab

Components of Great Marketing Strategy: Plan, Execute, Measure, and Adjust

Most startups and early stage companies spend all of their time developing products (and they should). Marketing products fall on the back burner and when the time comes to actually doing it, it is often done with haste.  In this article, I’d

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