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Six Myths That Undermine Customer Satisfaction

According to Liz Jazwiec, service excellence isn't about improving outcomes and results; nor is it about treating customers like royalty. Here, she spotlights six myths about customer satisfaction that may be keeping you from receiving the excellent customer satisfaction ratings you deserve.

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Sales Target Letter Sample for Your Small Business

Small Business ExpertLillyvette Montalvo writes a sample target letter for you to use and offers other networking tips for getting customers to your door. Free for the taking in

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jerry flynn ComInvest.orgNYC, NY
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What Really Drives Serial Entrepreneurs?

Being a serial entrepreneur requires taking great risks without any promise of reward, flourishing in the face of repeated stress and uncertainty and, often, dealing with unfamiliar tasks and industries. Though making a career based on constant chang

Freelancers - Are you charging enough?

Most freelancers take a sizeable pay cut when they become their own boss, and this is at least partly down to undercharging. Freelance rates can seem extortionate, particularly to someone not used to putting such a well-defined value on their time (p

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