August 19, 2013
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If you're starting a business (even thinking about it), or juggling marketing, financing, Internet, government etc. for your growing small business, here you're not alone!

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Idea Cafe is celebrating our Birthday! We've been live online since August 15, 1995! We've been gutsy, inventive and rebellious - just like you, our audience! So raise a glass for Idea Cafe... and for yourself! Have fun in your work, and in your life! Cheers!

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Profiles of Fun Entrepreneurs

For small business ideas, get inspired by Profiles of gutsy entrepreneurs who followed their dreams. You can, too!

Color StarTerri May
Whimsical Moon Herbs
Norfolk, VA

Color StarManessa Quillin
Harmony Collections, Inc.
Grand Junction, CO

Color StarLuis Rodriguez
VA Express
San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico

Color StarShonita Molton
Quick 'n' General Cleaning Service
East St Louis, IL

Shawn Smith
Shawn L Smith Realty
Katy, TX

Color StarJean Fritz
KittyVista LLC
Shirley, IN

Color StarKera Wilson
Murrieta, CA

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88% of Americans who Shop on their Smartphone Experience Negative Issues, with 30% Never Coming Back After an Undesirable User Experience

Mobile shopping becomes new competitive battlefield for retailers, as 33%of shoppers immediately defect to a competitor after a negative user experience.

The only news about small business from the small business viewpoint by Dawn Rivers Baker, Chief of The MicroEnterprise Journal.
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