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IdeaCafe's 16th Small Business Grant Finalists - Spectacle

Tess Coats

Owner of Spectacle

Albuquerque NM |

What does your business do?

Spectacle is a unique and stylish mobile retail business out of a luxury travel trailer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will also be the only mobile business of its kind in Albuquerque.

Spectacle will sell innovative and emerging design brand merchandise not available locally for clientele who are interested in purchasing sophisticated, functional, and fun products; such as home furnishings and textiles, personal care and wellness, gifts, home entertaining, and accessories.

How would you use the grant money?

I would be able to put the initial money down on an airstream that has been made available to me for an excellent price.

What would the grant enable you to do that you can't now?

This would ensure that the airstream is set aside for my business while I obtain loans and work on other investment options.

If Idea Cafe's Grant helps your biz reach greater success, how will you "pay it forward" to help others in some way?

I plan on partnering with two established organizations ( and to help other women learn the skills needed to run a business, as well as sharing where to find the right help for what they need.

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