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Get In To Win $1,000 Cash Grant - Live Out Your Business Dream

No matter whether your business idea is ground-breaking or a simple,
but yet creative solution to an everyday problem, we would like to hear about it.

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Submit your entry by January 15th

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Come and meet our semi-finalists and cast your vote for the business owner
who most deserves to make it to the finals.

Welcome to all creative and passionate entrepreneurs!

The 15th Small Business Grant will award $1,000 in cash to the small business with the most inspirational owner, willing to take their business to the next level, a total of $1,500 in advertising credits and tons of free publicity.

Demonstrate your innovative genius with your new business idea or give a persuasive picture of your current business, fire up your supporters via social networks, and step into the limelight for a chance to win big!

If you plan on expanding your business or just want to live out your dreams, enter the competition - your business deserves to achieve a smashing success. Also, feel free to use the Idea Cafe site as your year-round resource for turning your idea into an empire.

About the
About the
1st Place

$1,000 Cash + $500 in Advertising Credits

2nd Place

$500 in Advertising Credits

3rd Place

$500 in Advertising Credits

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Angela Yeakim, owner of Baby Says, LLC applied for the grant
Lea Ann Macrery, owner of My Favorite things food truck, LLC applied for the grant
Patrick Hallowell, owner of Need Free Inc. applied for the grant
Kimberly Casteel, owner of Anew Life Prosthetics & Orthotics applied for the grant
Nargis Mougey, owner of Zanbazan applied for the grant
Chrisea Moring, owner of CMOR-Logistics LLC applied for the grant
Chrisea Moring, owner of CMOR-Logistics LLC applied for the grant
DeVante Daniels, owner of Unique'z applied for the grant
Raephel Young, owner of Photos and Videos by R. Young applied for the grant
FaDarryl Brown, owner of The Paint the World Project applied for the grant
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