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Lobby Financial Feast topic #21

Subject: "Grants - A Note From Rose" Previous topic | Next topic
Roseb441702Mon Aug-14-06 08:24 PM
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"Grants - A Note From Rose"


I have seen the responses to some of my posts but I couldn't reply to them since the board now has a new format so I decided to post here.

Here are some of my comments:

First let's set aside the fact that I do this for a living.

Of all the people/posts that have replied in a negative way, I haven't seen one mention anything about the grant information provided by the Idea Cafe itself. They have information on grant programs for those that want to start their own for-profit business. They even have a grant program of their own. Their most recent grant winner was a business in New Orleans.

Why I have found these grant programs (besides it being my job to do so) and you haven't - I can't answer that. 90% of all grant information I have found online without having to join anything or pay a "membership" fee.

I used to think that calling myself a "Dream Job" Consultant was kind of hokey but I have been convinced that this is EXACTLY what I do. It all comes down to desire and how badly one wants it. I'm not talking about wanting it badly enough to lie, cheat or steal. But I am talking about wanting it badly enough to take the time and effort that is necessary in order to achieve what you want. Not everyone that started their own business started with a lot (if any) of money but they did use what they did have which is their blood, sweat and tears.

Unfortunately I can't agree with the statement that investors aren't interested in "small" mom/pop operations because I am dealing with one right now - again - a part of my job.

You have people who are coming to these boards because they want to start a business of their own or they want to expand on the business that they already have and that can be done. When one doesn't have the money to accomplish that they work with what they do have which is theirselves. Just because someone has a "dream" about starting their own business doesn't mean that it has to remain a dream.

And in closing my main comment to those that want to start their own business but think its impossible is to say that no matter what kind of "dream" job you want to pursue there is already someone who is doing it (or something close to it) who is making a living at it.

Asking me to provide you with SPECIFIC grant programs is like asking me to prepare your tax return without paying me for the work and that is something that I will not do.

So if you want to continue to tell people that there are no grant programs for starting a business or for for-profit businesses then you go right ahead and continue to tell them that.

Grant Basics 101


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Lobby Financial Feast topic #21 Previous topic | Next topic
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