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Lobby Biz Ideas topic #50

Subject: "Coupon Business Idea" Previous topic | Next topic
kristinaSat Aug-19-06 11:44 AM
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"Coupon Business Idea"


I am wondering if this is a good idea.
I have seen all the coupon mailer companies out there like
moneymailer and others.  I know that they mail to 10,000 in an
area but they target regular house holds.  Advertisers are
usually resturants, and home improvement places and are geared
to men or women.  

My idea is to have a Moms coupon pack with things just for
women or moms.  I would also target my mailings to households
with children under say 6 years old.

I don't want to give to much of my idea away but I would love
some feedback.

My question is would advertisers in children related
businesses advertise in something like this over money mailer?



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Replies to this topic
Subject Author Message Date ID
RE: Coupon Business Idea
Aug 23rd 2006
Targeted marketing to young families
Aug 25th 2006

freejerkyWed Aug-23-06 03:16 PM
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#1. "RE: Coupon Business Idea"
In response to Reply # 0


I dabbled in this idea myself about 2 years ago and still think it is a great idea. It was just too much work for me at the time. I would think places would concider it if the price is right. Maybe you could give a start up price for those that start with you and the price wil continue as long as they continue the ads but once they stop then they go to the prices of the ads that are offered at that time. This way you may not make much but cover the mailing and printings at first but that would get your foot in the door and people would be less likely to stop their ad if it was a great price they get to keep. Good luck

We are all about families helping families!
No Selling - No Parties - Any Age


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MarlinCreekFri Aug-25-06 09:53 PM
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#2. "Targeted marketing to young families"
In response to Reply # 0


First, from what I can tell, the more precise your audience, the better you are able to provide relevant ads. I routinely get the Money Mailer stuff and it all goes in the trash since it doesn't apply to me.

As mentioned before, getting a good source of households to send your coupons to is critical. But there are other ways to get to the parents of kids.

Schools - call up the local school district or elementary school and ask them how (or if they allow) a business like yours could supply the coupons to the kids (and thus parents). They may not, but it's worth asking. There's always the PTO route if you have kids in school. Plus, schools have fund raisers all the time, is there something that you could provide for an auction? or have them sell a coupon book where the school gets x% of sales.

Daycares - similar approach to schools... call and ask the directors. Depending upon the format of your coupons, maybe they would allow you to place a display rack in their entrance.

Parks - Parks are designed for kids... so you could possibly start by sticking some coupon flyers under windshields at some parks.

Libraries - see if you can put up a display rack, or add your info to existing displays.

Hospitals - call and see what it takes to add your package to the new mothers information pack. Everytime we've been there, we've gotten a "freebie" bag loaded with ads / coupons.

Pediatrician Offices - call and ask if you can place material there for their patients (actually, the patients parents).

Real Estate Agents - network with agents and offer to supply some coupons to them to pass out to their "young family" customers. The agents might like having something "extra" to offer.

Maternity clothing / supply stores - while these are your potential customers, you may be able to leverage exclusivity and get them to display your coupon "book"... but this requires that you have a relationship with only 1 maternity clothing store so that they aren't passing out coupons to their customers.... (applies to all of your basic categories)

The key point is, you may not have access to, or be able to buy a distribution list that meets your target audience, so think of all of the other people that interact with your target audience and see if they can be your distribution points.

Marlin Creek - Idea Seeds


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