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Lobby Working at Home topic #161

Subject: "mail order start-up /" Previous topic | Next topic
Child-Guard.coMon Jun-25-07 02:42 AM
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"mail order start-up /"


Hi, i did try to post a message last night but i must say i
was half asleep at the time so that maybe why its gone

Anyway i wanted to start a mail order/internet business for
along time and i was looking for a product that could be sold
in this way,and that is how i found something called child

Its not new to the market as such,its been around for a while
but i feel that its been highly overlooked in the market place
and i also felt this was just what i was looking for etc.

So i had a basic website built and secured a supply chain etc
and its also been featured in the biz bureau section of the
daily mirror,which has really helped to move things forward.

But i still feel that given the type of product and the level
of concern for child safety at present etc,i think i am still
miles off where i should be in terms of orders/take up etc.

Don't get me wrong the response has been very good and given
the fact that i have had delay in stock arriving etc(which did
not help!)i have been kept busy,but i would have thought i
would been near melt-down with orders!!

I just thought it would be nice to get some feedback really.

I look forward to your comments and i just want to say if
there is anybody reading this who is thinking about starting a
business, it can be hard,harder than you ever thought possible
to get going, but never give up because one day you will get

I am not even half way up the mountain(i have only just put my
walking boots on really,but i know that when i do get there
that view will be amazing !!

Best Regards and best of luck to you all



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Replies to this topic
Subject Author Message Date ID
RE: mail order start-up /
Feb 10th 2008
Apr 23rd 2008

village_threadsSun Feb-10-08 04:49 PM
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#1. "RE: mail order start-up /"
In response to Reply # 0


I am in the US and I just checked out your website...I absolutely love this product! As a mom of four with a wandering two-year-old, this is must have! Is the problem that you are having with keeping up with stock?


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thecrew74Wed Apr-23-08 06:18 AM
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#2. "RE:"
In response to Reply # 0


Hi I think this is a great idea
I am one of those parents that would consider using it if it were upgraded but looking at what you have for sale I can point out several reasons why I would not buy it.
Maybe you can relay this info back to the manufacturer
If I were the manufacturer of this product I would change a few things. It would be costly to upgrade however if they did it then they would profit from it. I AM CERTAIN!

#1. I would change the design because it shouldn't be kid friendly. I dont want my daughter playing with this device, if it looks like a toy she will play with it, it is there for her safety. As a child she will try to fiddle with it but she will soon loose interest and find something else to play around with.

#2. What is the device made of? I am a parent and I am looking for something that would not be easy to remove. So, I would want it made of some sort of steel or metal with a lock down on it

#3.This device has to fasten/lock down so that only the parent could take it off with lets say a scan of the parents finger print on the side of it or something similar. Ideas are roaming in my head

#4. I would want it in sizes that are attachable to the waist, wrist or ankle and adjustable. I do not want this to be visible to any other person. If I am in the store or at a water park or something like that with my child and a stranger grabs my daughter I dont want that person to see this device. Although it is possible the "JERK" will leave the child alone if the device is seen, its highly unlikely. I think if it is unseen, that will give the authorities/parent time to track my child's device and save her life

#5. This device should carry a tracking device system so that the authorities can track it. Maybe some sort of registration with the authorities when the parent purchases/activates the device.

I know some people are probably thinking why buy this device,
just watch your child! And we do have people that are not responsible but then there are people that are and this device is just one more added security for them and the child.
I would certainly buy this device if it were upgraded and use it for my children and grand children and so on.



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Lobby Working at Home topic #161 Previous topic | Next topic
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