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6, Business Owners are People Too
Posted by Spread the News, Thu Aug-24-06 02:33 AM
Ever take a look at any trade publications? There are always lots of ads for companies that are in the business that the publication is geared to. Your first thought could be that it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't an accountant put his ad in Accounting Today? But think about it for a minute. Who reads Accounting Today? Me and you or other accountants??? Why would an accountant spend money to promote his services to other accountants?

This same approach holds true regardless of the business category. The basic underlying missing link is that business owners are people first. They live, eat, raise families, shop, drive cars, use cell phone, watch TV, read newspapers, play sports or workout, go the doctor, pay bills, go to the movies, and on and on, just like the rest of us.

So if you are marketing a product or service geared specifically towards business owners, consider first that they are people. The ABC Company cannot authorize a purchase or the hiring of a vendor company. A person at the ABC Company can. A person can say yes or no. A person can write a check. Not a company.

However, always remember that business owners don't stop being business owners when they're living their lives. They're just engaged in a different activity but if an opportunity presented itself during non-business time they would be aware and alert and take advantage of any opportunity that could enhance their business.

Know the demographic profile of that business owner who could potentially be your client and then use this information to market to them when they're living their lives. The results can be extraordinary.

Be well,

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