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48, US Small Business Resources Online in 2009
Posted by ddesm, Fri Jan-16-09 12:11 PM
There is so much information on the internet. What are some good websites for small business in the US that are available online?

1. Is your business continually changing? Do you wish there was information available about different industries and different cycles in your specific business. Well, such help is available from the Small Business Association. They have a variety of programs to help start and develop your small business. This is a government site with programs that are available to small business owners. If you are in a situation that you have never experienced before in your business this is a good site to review and research information that may be helpful to you.

2. Did you know that over 1/2 the US Economy is driven by small business. Would you like to know more about the current state of the US Economy and certain factors that are affecting it and how the future holds. Then take a look at this economic article written from online expert Mike Moffat. It has links to great resources to the current US Economic situation and facts rather than just another opinion. Find information about inflation, interest rates, monetary resources and other resources. Check out

3. Do you want to learn more about specific companies or industries in the US economy. How about finding lists and leads or finding business strategy, marketing or HR sources. Then take a look at the following website Bizjournals it will provide you with a wealth of reports and information you may need. It is even searchable by cities in the US, what a concept! Check out the bizjournals website.

4. If you want to find some information from a resource that is familiar try Businessweek. It is full of the latest business news, stock market information and other resources that are constantly changing and in the news. You may find information relevant to your market or a tidbit of information that about an industry change that may help your business. Check out the businessweek website.

These are four resources that may help you learn more information about your industry future outlook in 2009 and help find some needed answers you were looking for.