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Topic subjectThe Clueless Business Owner's Guide to Going Online
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41, The Clueless Business Owner's Guide to Going Online
Posted by tettegouche, Mon Aug-25-08 12:52 PM
Many people who have great business ideas or currently own an off-line business are looking more and more towards the world wide web to get their products and services out to potential customers. As the "young" generations grow up and enter the market, they browse for goods and services online more than ever. Web users are also becoming more ruthless as they demand quality websites from businesses, many of them leaving a website if it is too difficult to navigate or not appealing enough. To launch a successful website for your business, you need to have a few tools and some professional help on your side.

1. Unfortunately many business owners try the "do it yourself" route with their website. They purchase a website template...
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