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32, Virtual Assistants: Ninjas of the Corporate World?
Posted by projectva, Thu Nov-08-07 03:18 AM
A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant. You will never see one, and that is the point. Our Virtual Assistants are the Ninjas of the corporate world. They swoop in undetected, complete their task with uncanny accuracy and speed, and "poof," they are gone again.

Either because of downsizing through lay-offs or staff reduction through attrition, workloads on remaining employees increases. Where there was once a glut of secretaries, (enough to fill a "pool!") we now have a draught. Secretaries have become the office managers, the executive assistants, and many times, the boss. Though those skill carry through with the employee who moves up, added responsibility doesn't make it feasible for a manager to type her own correspondence, or create his own corporate training manual.

Virtual Assistants fill this ever-growing need for responsible, creative and intelligent employees, who never set foot in your office. If you own a small, start up company, where resources are stretched to the max, can you afford another employee? In all likelihood, that employee will have significant downtime awaiting the next project, whereas the VA works only when you are in need. You do not pay for Internet surfing, E-bay bidding or hours of personal phone calls, along with health insurance and other benefits a full time employee requires.

IT staff has long been working from remote locations, conducting business over the Internet or through Virtual Private Networks. Virtual Assistants create and work mostly on a computer, making the field perfect for remote consultants. Instant communication through e-mail and phone reduce the need for face-to-face meetings, and some companies even have the capability of video conferencing.

It is a win-win situation for all involved. VAs have the flexibility and control over their work schedule that allows them to accomplish their personal goals, whether it be staying at home with their children, or pursuing multiple career paths at one time. Good business demands the appropriate and sometimes unusual utilization of its resources. For the company who chooses to use a Virtual Assistant, the benefits are limitless.

The work of a Virtual Assistant is a rewarding and enlightening experience, both for the assistant and the client. Project Virtual Assistant employs the most talented of those Ninja's of the corporate world, thus ensuring the highest quality result. PVA offers a variety of services to meet the needs of its clients. From simple letter writing, to complex database development, PVA does it all with professionalism and finesse.

~~Angela Ward has been writing interesting and sometimes even informative articles for most of her adult life. She uses her background in office work and IT to assist, virtually, anyone who requests her services. Learn more about her at

**This article is free to be reprinted as long as the author's bio remains intact. (November 1, 2007)