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Topic subjectThe Myth about Start-up Funding
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27, The Myth about Start-up Funding
Posted by GalaGal, Mon Sep-24-07 03:01 AM
A good article which finally addresses information about governement grants and "free" money for small business owners.

28, More info here at Idea Cafe RE: The Myth about Start-up Funding
Posted by CyberHost, Thu May-11-17 03:14 PM
Yes, this is a good short take by Tim Berry.
For more info on startup funding, spend some time in Idea Cafe's Financing Your Business section

and for in-depth scoop on grants - including info on the actual "grants" that are out there, Idea Cafe's Small Business Grant Center is the most trustworthy and comprehensive source I know of. It's at:

Cyberhost at Idea CafeThe Fun Place for Serious Business(sm);)