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25, The most valuable thing I have ever learned
Posted by jland, Mon Mar-26-07 04:47 AM
The most valuable thing I have ever learned, is the right way to focus my energy regarding my internet business.

I was struggling to get leads for my primary internet business until I found what I had been searching for, Long term marketing strategies that will keep giving me returns years down the road. I am building an exceptionally responsive high quality opt-in email list. I can?t tell you how much this helped my primary business.

I learned the focus needs to be on building my list. It can't be just any list, it has to be a massive, highly responsive list that grows and expands automatically. I was just wandering in the massive jungle of the internet wasting my time money on empty promises. I was very frustrated and it seemed that everything I tried ended up to be a scam.

It wasn't until I learned the proper steps in the right direction, I started to see results.
I needed guidance. I needed someone to show me what works. I needed step by step directions that I could follow. I would have been beating my head against the wall because just like anything else there are trade secrets every professional knows that the amateur will not. You can easily duplicate success and secure long term residual income.

The first thing you need to do is set up your funded proposal. What a funded proposal does is generate responsive leads for your primary business. At the same time it will generate a self sustaining income. In other words, you roll the money from your funded proposal to advertise your funded proposal and in turn generate a constant supply of leads (who have paid for the advertising that got them there) into your primary business.

Starting to make sense?
This is one of the most successful business models in history.

Want to know how to build
a high quality opt-in list

Want to know a secret about Google?