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50, lease buyout
Posted by pscowner, Wed Jul-11-07 03:54 AM
My landlord wants to buyout my 4 year w/ 5 year option lease, which I am happy about. Problem is he is giving me a raw deal. He offered the other business on this property 3 times as much. The other biz is a little bit larger but its totally unfair! Has anyone ever had to deal with this type of situation?
51, RE: lease buyout
Posted by ZeroGCreative, Wed Jul-11-07 11:08 AM
Did you use a leasing agent to lease this property? If so, give them a call and go over the details. They will be able to guide you in the right direction.
52, RE: lease buyout
Posted by pscowner, Thu Jul-12-07 01:58 AM
No I did not. I deal with the owner of the building directly. 4 months ago when he came to me about the buyout, he said I would be out of here in 4-6 months and he would get me my money back that I paid for the store. Now he changed his tune and offered my less than 1/2 of his original offer and dragged it out for 12-18 months.
But without my approval, there is no deal and in the end he will loose millions!