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Posted by juliarusso11, Wed Jul-02-08 11:43 AM
We have all been there before. I lost half of a $2000 investment in a local web designer who never finished the job in 5 months only to find out that I never would OWN the site if I wanted to take it somewhere else!
I rolled up my sleeves and learned everything I could and surpassed the point of site construction where she was when I fired her.
Since then, I have found at least 4 or 5 EASY sitebuilders I used to create sites until I settled on the easiest of all. When it came time to put a "real" shopping cart on my site and get less dependent on PayPal, I bought a template (the next site I just used the free one--just as good) and away we go! I am very pleased and can honestly say that I could set up a site for someone else, teach them how to do their own pages after the setup, and they own the site and the domain name--not me.
If interested, let's look at what you have in mind.