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Topic subjectBandwidth Speed Tests And Other Network Testing Tools
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7, Bandwidth Speed Tests And Other Network Testing Tools
Posted by FreedomFireCom, Tue Aug-15-06 07:58 AM
I get quite a bit of traffic to my "Broadband Nation" blog from folks doing Google searches for broadband speed tests and other network testing tools. Seems much in demand I guess.

I was going to write a ditty with some tips and links to recommended tools....but to be honest there's way to much to try and do that. My fingers would fall off. the interest of time, convenience, and my's a link to what I think is the best post on my blog covering the subject. There's a ton of links contained therein to various testing tools I've found or had recommended by my readership.

Hopefully some of you here will find them useful. Keep in mind it's not all inclusive. So by all means...if you know of other testing tools you'd like to suggest post them here as a reply so everyone can benefit.

Here's the blog post with the info:

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Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
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