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Posted by FreedomFireCom, Sat Jun-16-07 04:52 AM
You know it's going to's only a matter of time.

What is "it"?

Could be anything....the "blue screen of death", a virus attack, software that won't work right, server shutdown, network problems, patch install name "it" you're bound to experience "it".

Besides the problem itself you also face the anxiety and expense of getting "it" fixed. Waiting is not an option. You need the problem resolved NOW....residential or business your PC is an integral part of your day.

Well now you can relax. You don't need an extra dose of high blood pressure medicine.... or to take out a loan.

What you need is a proactive/preventive maintenance and help desk service that takes care of your issues before they happen....for desktop, server, and software....and quickly fixes those that crop up out of the blue. You also deserve that service to fit your budget....not cost you an arm and a leg.

You're in it is:

Enhanced Communications INC provides live PC and Laptop telephone and remote support (24/7/365), remote management and anti-virus and anti-spyware software for the Professional Consumer - Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), and comprehensive support for Small, Medium and Large business networks.

The service covers such items as Anti-virus and Spyware software, scan, and removal....preventative maintenance, patch management, software and sript deployment, asset reporting, server availability checks, server monitoring, server pack updates, server health check and analysis, 24/7/365 live telephone support via their help desk, and much more.

Plus.....this service is being offered at the phenomenal price of $39.00 per month per PC with a one time set-up fee of $39. Compared to other services, this is an incredibly low price! Not to mention that this type of service is generally only available to the small business with at least 5 computers to support.

This type of service is perfect for professionals that depend on their computers. Accountants, lawyers, sales people, and just about anyone that uses their computer for work need the peace of mind Enhanced Communications INC will provide. No matter what size your business....1 person self-employed or large company....this service is a god send.

Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
"Helping YOUR Business....DO Business"