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Posted by Barcelona, Sat May-26-07 02:09 PM
Destopk background Size: minimum 800X600

As for the Make auto run CD:

There is lot of software to make auto run CDs with good interface and also costly. If you manually opened the CD directory you can find a file named ?autorun? which makes the CD auto run.

You can manually make this file and put it to root directory of the CD while writing which make it auto run. Follow as given below (For windows based PCs).

Open Notepad.

Type in the first line

In the second line type open= followed by the file name and its extension that you want to launch when the CD is inserted on the computer, such as executable file, flash file, html page etc.

Save the file as autorun.inf.

When you write a CD put this autorun.inf file along with the program to be launched in the root directory of the CD.