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Topic subjectHow much does VoIP cost?
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52, How much does VoIP cost?
Posted by joseph_675, Mon May-21-07 03:05 AM
VoIP can cost anywhere from free up to $200 per month but will generally cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month depending on the type of service you order. VoIP can be free when you use a service where the call is routed from PC to PC. The price moves up from there based on the number of local and long distance calls you make and the features you want. Most residential services range from $5 to $26 per month. Today, most business VoIP services can provide you with lots of features (often more features than owning your own PBX) with prices ranging from $20 to $200. The wide range of pricing for business VoIP services is due to the wide range of offerings available. Many times the business VoIP provider will include a T-1 internet connection and a guarantee for quality of service which increases the costs.
53, RE: How much does VoIP cost?
Posted by ethan3546, Mon May-21-07 10:07 PM
A T1 line is a high-speed digital telephone line that transfers signals at 1.544Mbps and accommodates up to 24 telephone lines or trunks. So, it?s a good and essential system you should not mind paying for. I have Broadcore Hosted VoIP PBX device which I got at an economical rate ,there is no monthly charges or stuff like that .. It?s broadband connection appears to be good.
163, RE: How much does VoIP cost?
Posted by mrc4709, Mon Oct-04-10 02:41 AM
If looking for good VoIP for computer I always use Ventrillo its a good program with unlimted users but requires a payment of i believe 15 dollars a month but it is a great idea for gaming or simple online meetings