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Topic subjectRE: Need Help With an AUTORUN Program
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65, RE: Need Help With an AUTORUN Program
Posted by mbheusdens, Tue Jun-26-07 06:46 AM
To get it to autorun from cd, open up notepad. Input the following:


Click save as and change the 'save as type' to all files. Then name the file as "Autorun.inf" (without quotes)

>I've created a very nice PowerPoint Show and plan to burn it
>to a CD ROM along with a AUTORUN Program so that when someone
>places the CD ROM into their PC, the PowerPoint Show
>automatically comes up. Unfortunately, I've made every
>attempt, but it isn't working.
>I've used NOTEPAD and wrote the following program:
>My PowerPoint Show is a .pps file saved as baseball.pps.
>I've looked at my hardware and after typing regedit, made sure
>that my settings are correct. What could I be doing wrong?