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31, Need a Techie
Posted by jenw, Mon Jan-22-07 07:20 AM
I have an idea for a new website but I'm clueless about the mechanics. I want to be able to allow people to create their own pages on the site, like myspace, and I want it to be able to support a lot of traffic and ads. If I get someone to build the site, what kind of web hosting do I need? Do I have to develop special software? Thanks in advance for any help.
34, RE: Need a Techie
Posted by lisasgourmet, Wed Jan-24-07 03:34 AM
You are going to need a hosting provider that has PHP or ASP capability, depending on the type of programming language your developer uses.

There are so many programs out there in the GPL (General Public License) that you can use to start from, but you really need someone with programming knowledge.

You can start with has a hosting provider. They are VERY inexpensive and have MANY capabilities already built in to your server.

Good Luck!

Lisa :D