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24, Vonage & VoIP for Business - Something you should know
Posted by DanLaBate, Wed Dec-13-06 10:54 AM
VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a great way for business to keep their phone costs low. Many services like Vonage offer unlimited calling plans that can really cut down on your phone bill.

Don't make this mistake! - If you want a VoIP number make sure that the calling prefixes are the same as your local area. Area code and the first 3 digits.

Why? Because if you ever want to switch you number to another phone provider you will not be able to port that number. If you have invested in printing your phone number on everything you have; Business Cards, Letterhead etc. You will be almost trapped unless you want to re-print all you material, not to mention informing all your clients of your number change, and possibly ruining an ad campaign.

EX) If you are based in lets say City A and Vonage or your VoIP carrier has assigned you AAA-PPP-NNNN.

BUT your local number is AAA-QQQ-NNNN, your local company will not be able to port that number because it is not geographically correct.

Vonage and other VoIP providers often assign you a number that is for another city. Why they do this I do not know, It may be an availability issue, what I do know is that switching your business phone is not the best idea, and impossible to port locally with an outside prefix.

Hope this helps,

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