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Topic subjectKit - Please email me a fax number
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16, Kit - Please email me a fax number
Posted by Pat and Alix, Tue Oct-24-06 05:35 AM
Hi Kit,

I tried to do a reply to my message of 10/18 here on the board, but that reply is not posting.

I have received your emails (thank you), but you are not receiving my replies. I've tried using both a personal email address, as well as the business address you added to your white list. I've asked for confirmation that you've received these (and the updated profile) and not heard back, so I don't believe you've received them.

If you can send me a fax number, that is my last hope. If not, I will have to let my business profile here expire, then resubmit as a new one, because this profile truly is too outdated and I must get the current one up.

Pat and Alix P. Curl