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Topic subjectGood Contact Management Software Needed
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133, Good Contact Management Software Needed
Posted by ITWife, Tue Mar-24-09 05:53 PM
My husband is a musician, and in the business of booking and promoting rock shows. He is great at many things, but organizing his thousands of contacts is not one of them. He is not extremely computer savvy, so I've stepped in to help him with some of his organizing issues.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of contacts and contact information he has for all the various musicians, bands, venues, security personnel, bouncers, etc.

I am looking for a software program, preferably compatible with Mac OS.

I need to be able to organize names, phone numbers, emails, websites, various notes about each contact, ability to provide a link to a file that contains information such as music files, resumes, video files, etc. related to each contact.

Most of his contacts have multiple people involved with their contact information, for example, a band with 6 members, might have 2 members listed as contact people.

He also likes to keep track of notes and information he gains about his contacts when he meets them or talks to them on phone, such as what kind of music they like, where they are from, what their music is similar to, where they are interested in playing, payment requirements, etc.

Does anyone know of a software program that could accomplish this?

Right now I am working with Numbers on Mac and Excel on PC. Either they aren't very good programs for this purpose, or my understanding of them is not extensive enough. The way I'm doing it now is so confusing and time consuming to look at. It would be great if we could find a program that would help us.

So, if anyone can help us, let me know. Please!