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934, Biz name Ideas.
Posted by nutrijade, Sun Aug-24-08 10:13 AM
I am having issues with coming up with a name.
I make Italian Crountons that FLOAT in your soup. It is a very old recipe that has been in our family for years. I decided to look into making them as a biz since I get so many request from friends and co workers to make them for them! I was smart and never gave out thr recipe.

2 names I have come up with are: Bella Croutons
Nana's Croutons



935, RE: Biz name Ideas.
Posted by ree4264, Sun Aug-24-08 12:50 PM
If your croutons are strictly for soups and NOT for salads you might want to come up with a name that reflects that idea more to avoid confusion.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Souper Croutons
Soup Floats
Crouton Floats
Soup Toppers

You could also add another name in front of each of these like:

Mama's Crouton Floats

Good luck!

945, RE: Biz name Ideas.
Posted by hostingdiva, Tue Aug-26-08 09:27 AM
What about Nana's Floating Croutons?

I would probably just stick to something like Nana's Croutons though because you don't want to limit the use - right? Maybe you do if the distinguishing feature is that they float :7