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907, coffee drive thru
Posted by ddoakley, Mon Aug-11-08 06:56 AM
i will be opening a coffee drive thru here in oregon there are a million of them allready in my town so mine has to be very different than all the others and it will my 2 biggest competition is Dutch Bros and Human Bean both have about 13 stands each my one stand is in the middle of the 2 big guys My stand will feature hot girls and very little clothing. Bikini wednesday, School girl monday ect ect I need a good name one that lets the public know we have good coffee and hot half naked girls
thank you for your help
908, RE: coffee drive thru
Posted by ree4264, Mon Aug-11-08 01:41 PM
Bare Necessity
Hot & Heavenly
Grind'n Girls
Beans or Bust
Grind & Bare It
Bare Beans