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844, RE: Need a name for an e-business sales support business
Posted by worthbo, Tue Jun-17-08 02:52 PM
Hi Mindy,

I was thinking the same to have the name reflect or explain what I do in a catchy way.

My primary focus would be to provide useful customer focused content article information for a realtor, dentist or financial professionals online website. And I would also offer newletters service to send out to their customers as a follow-up to inform them of new information and include discount coupons offered by the business.

I can really do a lot with a business that provides information to help generate sales.

I thought it would be best to have a focusing on content for these type individuals.
Let me know what you think..Any catchy name would be welcomed.

And I had a couple more business names I thought of today like..
Fresh Content
Fresh InSite