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813, Stand Out Name for Massage
Posted by shell1974, Tue May-13-08 12:57 PM
This is not your typical massage. This is an On-Site chair massage business. Targeting small business offices. Dentists, Optometrists, Schools (for the teachers) Small UPS, FedEx hubs. Places like that.
Need a name that stands out and is easy to remember for word of mouth. Needs to catch the ear and sound pleasing..been having a real hard time with this! Please help!
829, RE: Stand Out Name for Massage
Posted by Molly, Mon Jun-09-08 08:39 AM
How about Mobile massage; On site massage; Massage on the move;
835, RE: Stand Out Name for Massage
Posted by Palkia, Wed Jun-11-08 03:43 PM
"Now Massage"
"On My Time Massage"
"Take 5 Massage"
"When You Need it Massage"
"My Gift Massage"
"For Me Massage"
"Pour Moi Massage"
"Massage on the Go"
"Relax & Enjoy Massage"
"Break Time Massage"