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Topic subjectR and W Tees and still yet unnamed security products co.
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8, R and W Tees and still yet unnamed security products co.
Posted by randwtees, Wed Aug-09-06 12:12 PM
Hi, My wife and I own/run R and W Tees aka R and W Custom Tees out of our home. So far so good. The R and W is our initials. I/we have started selling personal security and Surveillence (probably spelled wrong.. I have trouble with that products. Stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, nanny cams, hidden cams, and Commercial DVR Recording systems. I need a name for the business. Something catchy, and descriptive. I don't want to use R and W again. I don't want to use our town name, and I don't want to use my actual name. I'm thinking of Orion Personal security and surveillence (as soon as I learn to spell it) products. But that's so long. Maybe Orion Security Products. And I've been thinking Fatboy Security Products (Or something along those lines.) It stands out, (as do I). I don't think my wife is going to be too much into this and I want it totally seperate from the t-shirts. The website is kinda temporary, till I come up with a working name.