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781, help naming my business?
Posted by searstower, Wed Apr-09-08 07:50 PM
I need a name and a tagline for my marketing and business coaching biz. My market is smart entrepreneurs, especially ones who want to increase the number of clients they serve and increase their revenue.

The two things I'd like to emphasize are action and ambition (action coach and ambition coaching are already taken).

Taking action is where any success comes from and I think helping my clients to take the right action in the right size steps is my unique selling proposition. Ambitious describes both me and my clients very well, and that's why I'd love to convey that in the name somehow.

The best name I think that I have come up with so far (thanks David!) was Am-bitch-ous Coaching. That is already taken - darn!

I love that it's catchy, memorable and creates a picture for people when they hear it. It's a bit hard to spell and to understand though (I had to tell everyone the name twice before they got it).

So here are some of the options I'm looking at now.

Names I like, but that I feel aren't quite right yet
Back of the Napkin Success Coaching - close. I might go with this one.
Head2Head Coaching - kinda predictable and cliche
Activ-ation (or Activation) - don't think this is catchy or memorable enough
A Lever Long Enough (Archimedes - give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world!)-not specific enough to coaching
Butt-In-High-Gear Coaching
Gett-her Done - I'm not a redneck, so this sorta clashes
Pro-Active - already a product name
Cream of the Crop Coaching
Head of the class - I don't encourage judging success in relation to others, so maybe a clash in value here

I also like the idea of mixing two or three words together to create a completely new, trademark-able word. Here are a few I've come up with.

Ambiction - ambitious + action
Ambitionator - terminator clone
Ambitionista - I think fashionista when I hear this one
Ambitionella - italian phrase - Miguel says it means beautiful ambition
Bella ambicione - same phrase, but split up - a little easier to pronounce and remember I think

Some tag lines I've come up with that I think are pretty good:
Action-focused coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs - too big of a mouthful?
Direction and perspective for smart entrepreneurs
Ambitious business coaching
Direction. Perspective. Support.

Any thoughts? Good idea comments? Bad idea comments? Other suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to look at this. You are awesome!