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Topic subjectneed a good name for my coaching business
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771, need a good name for my coaching business
Posted by searstower, Mon Apr-07-08 07:53 PM
Hey wonderful idea cafe readers!

I am hoping that you guys can help me brainstorm & narrow down a good name for my coaching business.

My coaching niche is marketing and business (though I do coach my clients on other issues as they come up).

Most of my 8 current clients are entrepreneurs - they own a small small business, usually just them and maybe a few contractors. They are all in different industries (massage to CPA to lawyer to potter, etc).

They all are successful in their own right already, but they realize that a coach can help them get even more or even farther than they can get by themselves by providing them with ideas, marketing expertise, a different perspective and a bit of accountability when they need it.

I want my business name to describe somehow what I do (though it doesn't have to have the word coach in it), and I want it to be memorable (Pacific Coaching - way too lame and unmemorable).

Here are some that I've come up with.

Words that describe my market:
Already successful
Have lots of projects
Very ambitious
Do things their way
Have big dreams
Are passionate about something
Go getters
Desire for advancement / betterment
High performer
Take action

Ambition coaching ? taken already
Compass Coaching
Biz-spectives Coaching
Genius Power
Rise Higher Coaching
Cloud 9 Coaching
"I want to have it all" Coaching
Have cake and eat it too
Eat your cake coaching ? taken
I did it my way
Bright Way Coaching
Live your dream bigger
Aim higher
Aspire Higher (taken - book)
On the move coaching

Tagline ideas:
From own-a-job to own-a-life
Does your business serve you? Or the other way around?
Your biz ? death trap? Or getaway car?
Moving forward
Constantly moving

Similar words to consider:

Oh, another thing that I specialize in is automating a business and building passive income streams into the business so that eventually so that the business owner can follow something similar to the 4 hour work week (

Any thoughts? I appreciate it! Thanks!