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739, What do you think?
Posted by eshields1014, Wed Mar-05-08 07:47 AM
The name of my business is Doggie Treasures....The little saying...under my business name.. I dont like and want to come up with something new so please help!

right now it is , all natural, homade, with love

how about....

a healthy dogs life
a healier dog, starts here
All natural, Homemade, and yummy or
all natural, homamde and???

or .......
746, RE: What do you think?
Posted by iws, Mon Mar-10-08 02:16 PM
It would help if we knew specifically what you do. It sounds like you make doggit treats or something. Fill us in and you may get some good answers.


747, RE: What do you think?
Posted by spartan, Mon Mar-10-08 05:11 PM
All natural ,raw ingredients...what dogs are supposed to eat--

How about something along those lines...dogs were/are meet-eaters...not vegetarians...maybe something referring back to their diets ages ago when they were predators...
I don't know how you prepare these "all natural, homemade" treats...ingredients, etc. but I thought this might be worthy of try to get you to think out of the box...
Be creative and brainstorm with friends...nothing is too crazy...write the ideas down on 3 x 5 cards for a few not throw away any idea for the first few it will stop the positive flow of ideas...after a few days lay all of the cards out on a table in front of you ...line them up in columns...see how the ideas may relate to one another or even give you new this for a couple of days...then only after a few days of this do you start evaluating, analyzing, and being critical of any ideas...
This is a an abbreviated version of a "storyboarding" technique used to generate new, creative ideas...
Hope this helps, Best of Luck
770, RE: What do you think?
Posted by searstower, Mon Apr-07-08 06:09 AM
"make *your* dog a health nut"