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Topic subjectSomeone using my biz name, pls help
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717, Someone using my biz name, pls help
Posted by kangarool, Thu Feb-21-08 12:27 PM
Hi I have a small business, call it Acme. I have registered as Pty Ltd., have registered the business w/ASIC, and have an ABN and ACN, registered in Victoria.

I've recently discovered 2 new business out there, who are trading in exactly the same area/product/service as mine, and in my state, Vic., and who are trading with the slightest variation in name: say one of the business is trading as AcmeCo., and the other as Acmi.

I've searched both companies, and found that they've both registered and started trading years after I'd set myself up and begun trading.

Can anyone provide any overview advice as to what this might mean, and what I should do? I am going to pursue it, but am mostly curious if it's 'open and shut case' or if i should prepare myself for a more involved or complicated exercise.

thanks for any help you can provide.