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Posted by nightsky, Wed Jan-16-08 08:51 AM
>I will be opening a Hot Dog shop in the next few months and
>need a catchy name.Not a hot dog cart but a brick and mortar
>building type. There is already a place called "The Dog
>House" and a couple of others that use their family
>names.Can anyone come up with anything, a tag line would be
>great too. I will be specializing in Texas Hots" (hot dog
>w/ meatsauce, mustard, onions)Thanks all!

If you want something different, I think that a twist to what we used to call hot dogs might work. Now, it depends on who you are going to target, but here is an idea...

"Texas Tube Steaks"

or, use what you already mentioned. You said that you are going to specialize in "Texas Hots". Why not call it... "Texas Hots"? Nothing like naming a business after what you are selling. I named my business Night Sky Mural... because that is what I sell. And, it's funny how others have started copying my business name now.

Good luck!