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682, Eatery in Maryland needs name
Posted by BrigidG, Thu Dec-20-07 05:52 AM
I have recently opened a 2nd deli and I guess got a little to close to a restaurant a few miles away and they have since sent me a cease and desist order on the name. So I have decided that for the new place I would like to go coffee house atmosphere with more emphasis on the seating and not the coffee per se. We are located in an historical building and the town is known for the train passing through which our big picture window looks out at. I would like a name that is young and hip but a train theme...

--we serve bagels made at our original store
--breakfast, lunch and evening, mostly sandwiches, paninis. We'll be adding pizza.
--Our coffee I am told is delicious and we will be adding lattes
--there is plenty of seating with an area that has a rug, cushy chairs and a fireplace mantle.
--we cater to kids and stay at home moms
--we would like to have live music in the evenings, a children's reading hour in the afternoons and a seniors after tea and sweets
--our soups are homemade and delicious

I do not want cafe, tea room, country cupboard or deli in the name.

I just want something that conveys come in, chill, eat and enjoy your friends for a while and come back often. Tell your friends and treasure the gem you have.

Hope someone can help, I am sprucing the place up and hope that by the new year I will have a rocking joint.

Right next door is a great used bookstore and on the other side is a guitar studio owned by a 20something. The guitar studio gives lessons and has help recitals in our place. When the moms and dads bring their kids to their lessons they sit in their cars for a 1/2 hour with the engine running taking up parking. I want them in my store. I will also have books and mags available in the seating area.