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Posted by journey4, Tue Nov-13-07 05:22 AM
Well, I'm still in the planning stage, but I will be baking and selling cut out cookies using many different cookie cutters. I'll offer cookies for holidays, seasonal (snowflake, flower, etc.), birthdays, baby showers, graduation, etc.

They will be mainly by order; I'll probably find a craft show or a church bazaar in which to sell them, too. After I have a catchy name registered, I'll secure a domain site so that I can market them that way as well, and get orders to be shipped. Of course I will offer to personalize them, too.

As far as mine being different...well, I've tried cut-outs from several local bakeries and grocery stores, and quite honestly, they are just so-so. I have a great recipe that I've used for years, and they are delicious!!

Hope that helps! :)