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646, Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by journey4, Tue Nov-13-07 03:33 AM
I finally thought of my biz idea, now I need a name.

I thought of "Sweet Shapes", but it's the same as a company that sells cookie cutters.

Anyone have any good name ideas??

Thanks :)
647, RE: Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by ParentPreneur, Tue Nov-13-07 05:04 AM
Can you describe more about your business? Do you do particular shapes? How are yours different?

Julie Lenzer Kirk
Author, The ParentPreneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business" (Wiley)
649, RE: Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by journey4, Tue Nov-13-07 05:22 AM
Well, I'm still in the planning stage, but I will be baking and selling cut out cookies using many different cookie cutters. I'll offer cookies for holidays, seasonal (snowflake, flower, etc.), birthdays, baby showers, graduation, etc.

They will be mainly by order; I'll probably find a craft show or a church bazaar in which to sell them, too. After I have a catchy name registered, I'll secure a domain site so that I can market them that way as well, and get orders to be shipped. Of course I will offer to personalize them, too.

As far as mine being different...well, I've tried cut-outs from several local bakeries and grocery stores, and quite honestly, they are just so-so. I have a great recipe that I've used for years, and they are delicious!!

Hope that helps! :)
650, RE: Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by journey4, Tue Nov-13-07 08:33 AM
I've been brainstorming....

Do any of these names work?
They all sort of tell what the product is, with the hint that this is just one of a possible shape of cookie, kind of giving the name a "poetic" feel.

Edible Stars
Frosted Shapes
Sprinkles and Stars
Edible Daisies
Frosted Stars
Cut-Out Stars
Cut-Out Daisies

This one is a play on words...instead of the saying "icing on the cake", how about -

Icing on the Shape

What do you think? :)
651, I GOT IT!
Posted by journey4, Tue Nov-13-07 11:05 AM
This is my favorite name I've thought of so far....

(Since this will be a cut-out cookie biz, all cookies being frosted and decorated) How about

The Painted Cookie

Like it? What do you think?

:7 :7
652, RE: I GOT IT!
Posted by achievedisplay, Tue Nov-13-07 06:57 PM
Thirteen Cookies (like the movie "Thirteen Monkeys") J/K

The Cookie Cutter ..too ordinary sounding though

"The Painted Cookie" is good, but I don't like the taste of paint. Maybe if you could conjure that image without paint.

Cookie Momster that too lame?

Cookie Press

Decorated Delights

Happy Tummy Cookie Company

The Gingerbread Ma'am

Kookie Cookie Cut Creations

Lesion of Macaroon ... thats a different kind of cut.. sorry

Gingerbread Army

Cookie Shuffle .. this is the dance you do when you eat them

Severed Batter .. these are evil cookies

On the button

The Perfect Cookie Company

Good Luck!
654, Cut out cookie names
Posted by journey4, Wed Nov-14-07 01:47 AM
wow, thanks!!

So many great ideas, and some funny ones!

I'm not as sure about The Painted Cookie as I was's ok, but not great.

I really like Gingerbread Ma'am, but it doesn't apply to my cookies....or does it have to be EXACT? If I'm making cut-outs, not gingerbread cookies, would it still work?


Thanks so much, I appreciate the help!
655, RE: Cut out cookie names
Posted by journey4, Wed Nov-14-07 03:35 AM
Thought of another one -

Kaleidoscope Cookies

:P What do you think?
656, RE: Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by deech, Wed Nov-14-07 03:18 PM
"Cut It Out!"
658, RE: Cut-out cookies!!
Posted by journey4, Fri Nov-16-07 05:33 AM
Hey everyone - what do you think of these names?


All Iced

Thanks :)